Stuck in Friday night traffic?

Stuck in Friday night traffic? And you happen to be in Fort area? Here are a few great ideas to make the best of your waiting time! Find the nearest open restaurant for a good pre weekend dinner. Or if you want to relax while waiting traffic out, find the nearest open salon, or spa, or movie house for a much needed R&R! You may also want to grab a few drinks with friends at nearby open bars and clubs for a fun Friday night out! Don’t know where to park? We got the full list of available parkings too! Anything you need to know about available businesses to help make your waiting hours more fun and stress free, is just a click away with

Happy searching and Happy Weekend folks! launching in Fort Bonifacio BGC January 11

Great news, we are finally having our soft launch on January 11! Here are a few exciting features that you will be able to enjoy as you use our services:

– Mobile & Desktop Web – You can now use our services through your mobile phone and desktop. Just type and you are good to go!
– Simply click through Categories to find what you are looking for, or you may simply type its name in the Search Bar. From here, you will get instant access to opening hours, addresses and contact details of any business you are searching for. It’s so easy and hassle free!
– If you accept location services, results will be shown according to what’s nearest to you.
– If you have WAZE installed on your mobile phone, you can click the map from the business page which automatically launches the WAZE app, ready to start your trip!

Happy searching! Hope this enables you to plan out your days in a more convenient and stress- free way!

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